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儒科电子荣获Symmetricom Inc.稀奇成绩奖


儒科电子荣获Symmetricom Inc.稀奇成绩奖

Symmetricom Inc.(美国迅腾)于本周(2012910~2012913日)在菲律宾首都马尼拉召开了APAC会议,我公司张副总和吴司理等列席了该会议。在一连数年得到了Symmetricom公司的最好渠道奖(Channel Partner of the Year)以后,儒科电子往年得到了Symmetricom环球浩瀚代理商中唯一的稀奇成绩奖(Special Achievement of the Year。那既是对儒科电子以往事情的一定,也将鼓励我们在来年获得越发优秀的结果。儒科电子也将秉着客户至上、服务第一的原则连续为宽大用户供应最为优良的产物和服务。


Symmetricom Inc. holds the APAC meeting in Philippine this week (From Sep 10th to Sep 13rd,2012). Our V.P Sales and Marketing Mr. Zhang Jun and Sales Manager Mr. Wu Wei have attended the conference.After several years being honored by Channel Partner of the Year, Symmetricom Inc. awarded us the Special Achievement of the Year among the global agents. This is not only the commendation for the great job that Rock has done in the past, but also will encourage us to get better performance in the future. With the principle of Customer first and Service first, Rock will continuously provide the best quality products and service to all clients in China.


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